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We don't just coach, we work! Hire one of our expert coaches to help you grow your business step-by-step. At LaunchIt360, our #1 focus is to reposition your company's brand, social media, credit, and more to help you get startup or working capital. We help you to become bankable, build business credit and get financed. The maximum amount is $250,000 in the next 1-9 months through our coaching program.  

Additionally, our team will work and consult on everything from logo to launch! We'll even help you generate additional revenue in your business by extending your brand.  

Here is a short list of requirements needed for funding,
and remember, we can help you with each step: 

1. Entity With State Records: Your entity must be open, active and in good standing.

2. Federal EIN: Your Employer Identification number filing must match your state filing exactly.

3. Bank Account: The day your business bank account opened is when lenders consider it began.

4. Business Licenses: All applicable city, county, state business licenses must be filed.

5. Business Physical Address: The business must have a business address as per the USPS database.

6. Unique Business Phone: The business must have an FCC listed business number, not cell or home.

7. 411 Directory: Business phone number must be listed with 411 under the exact legal name.

8. Business Website: Business needs a website that is found on the local business searches and apps.

9. Professional Business Email: Using a free email account for your business can get you declined.

There are approximately 11 other steps that we coach and help you through so that you can get the startup or working capital you deserve. 


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